Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Some People Push Buttons For Publicity

Today's reason why liberals suck: Ward Churchill.

Churchill, a professor at the University of Colorado, wrote an article after 9/11 entitled "Some People Push Back". Among other things, Churchill compared the people who were killed in the World Trade Center attack to Nazis, calling them "little Eichmanns" in reference to Nazi technocrat Adolf Eichmann.

Academic freedom is important. But does that mean that a tenured professor has the right to say anything he wants, no matter how ridiculous? What if Churchill were a math professor who contended that 2 + 2 actually equals 5? What if Churchill were a sociology professor who claimed that Blacks were inherently inferior to Whites? Would those who defend Churchill on the grounds of "academic freedom" be so quick to come to the defense of these hypothetical professors?

It's important that our universities are places where new and innovative ideas can be freely expressed, but Churchill's remarks are disgusting, and it's even more disgusting that people gave this mongrel a standing ovation when he spoke. Today's reason why liberals suck: people like this idiot are teaching the next generation of thinkers.


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