Monday, March 28, 2005

No Cop-Out Left Behind

Or so says Andrew Coulson of

No Cop-Out Left Behind

"If the education feds approve Michigan’s plan, it won’t be the first time the state will have redefined "adequacy." In the summer of 2002, 1,513 schools failed to meet Michigan’s standards. Notwithstanding federal assurances that states couldn’t just dumb-down their standards to circumvent the NCLB, Michigan did just that. It lowered the bar, requiring as few as 38 percent of students to pass the MEAP in order for a school to be considered "adequate" (in place of the original 75 percent requirement). Under this new definition, the number of "failing" schools dropped from 1,513 to just 216." Today's reason why liberals suck: they're passing schools and failing our children.


Anonymous Bibby said...


I will never marry Terri,
For she is already wed.
But I’m hoping I can carry
Her metal coffin when she’s dead,

For to do so would please Jesus,
He who gives us breath and life.
He strives so very hard to please us!
Though she cannot be my wife,

We share a bond of Christian duty,
One transcending space and time.
No, I’ll never stroke her booty,
And she’ll never read this rhyme,

But in a year or two, or seven,
When my time on Earth has passed,
I’ll meet sweet Terri up in Heaven,
And I’ll kiss her face at last.

Copyright 2005 by Bibby Bibibbian. All rights reserved. This poem may be disseminated as long as it is not modified, and if I am given credit for its authorship. Praise Jesus Christ!

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