Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Kangaroo Court of Public Opinion

It's not enough that the courts aren't stepping in to help Terry Schiavo. Now ABC has conducted an opinion poll that would put any political operative who knows anything about "slant" polls to shame:

The Shame of ABC

Terri Schavo is not on life support. She requires a feeding tube to eat, which is distinct from the ventilators and machines that many Americans think of when they think of life support. The ability of Terri to think and be aware is disputed because the amount of therapy and tests she has received recently have been extremely limited by her husband. The irony of the ABC poll is that other polls show a majority of Americans agree with Michael Shiavo on this. Today's reason why liberals suck: even when they're winning, it isn't enough.


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It just feels good to gloat.


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