Wednesday, March 16, 2005

If it's anything like a heterosexual marraige, chances are it'll end in divorce anyway

Today's reaon why liberals suck comes to us from San Francisco, where a San Fransisco Superior Court judge has struck down a California law defining marraige as between a man and a woman:

Judge Strikes Down Ban on Same-Sex Marraige

The Family Research Council has a good article on their website about why gay marraige is not a civil right: "same-sex marriage is not a civil rights issue. Without exception, every adult . . . already has a right to marry. But everyone also has restrictions on whom they may marry--again, without exception. No one is permitted to marry a child, a close blood relative, a person who is already married, or a person of the same sex. These restrictions apply equally to everyone--there is no discrimination involved." Today's reason why liberals suck: activist judges who think they know more about marraige than thousands of years of human history--and the majority of the American public--know.


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