Sunday, March 20, 2005

Fair and Balanced it Ain't

Today's reason why liberals suck comes to us from the national "paper of record", the New York Times:

Two Years After Iraq Invasion, Protesters Hold Small Rallies

Why does this article make our list? It isn't the protestors--it's their first amendment right to protest as long as they aren't destroying property or endangering public safety. It's the article itself--a "news" article from a supposedly objective paper of record describes the protestors as "the home guard of the antiwar movement". Apparently, "three dozen people were arrested in New York for blocking traffic or doorways at military recruiting centers, but these were choreographed with the time-honored rituals of civil disobedience" (Are you kidding me? I had to double-check the section I was reading after seeing that sentence to make sure I hadn't accidentally stumbled upon a Maureen Dowd column). The column goes on and on. It doesn't read like news--it reads like bad poetry glorifying the anti-war movement. Today's reason why liberals suck: they criticize Fox News for being "conservative", yet they refuse to acknowledge that other, older media outlets have a liberal bias that is just as pronounced as anything on Fox News.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh please. i don't think even the New York Times itself would have the gall to claim it's objective. I had to stop reading it in a fit of pique years ago.

6:39 PM  

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