Thursday, March 17, 2005

Diagnosis: Imperfect

Today's reason why liberals suck comes to us from the U.K, where doctors have decided that a late-term abortion performed on a woman carrying a fetus with a cleft palate was done "in good faith":

Cleft Lip Abortion Done "In Good Faith"

In the U.K., unlike in the U.S., unborn children actually have some rights--a pregnancy cannot be terminated after 24 weeks, with certain exceptions. One of those exceptions is if the unborn child is "seriously handicapped", and the example above demonstrates the problem with aborting fetuses deemed to be "disabled". What exactly is disabled? Down's Syndrome? A cleft palate? A missing arm or leg? A missing toe? There is no clear line to be drawn here, and no child deserves to be aborted because he or she doesn't live up to the parent's "standards" of a perfect baby. Today's reason why liberals suck: their disregard of the rights of those in society that need the most protection.


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