Thursday, March 10, 2005

But their furniture is so reasonably priced!

Today's reason why liberals suck comes to us from Scandinavia, liberal wonderland extrodinare:
Ikea criticized for male-only furniture instruction guides

Let's set aside for a moment the astounding fact that CNN is actually taking this story seriously. The Prime Minister of Norway ACTUALLY thinks that this is a legitimate problem? Note to women: the battle of the sexes is over! You've won! You mature faster then men, you're going to college at a higher rate than men, you're less likely to kill yourself at a young age by doing something incredibly stupid. . . if the think you're most worried about is not being equally represented in an IKEA furniture assembly manual, then things are pretty darn good.

Today's reason why liberals suck: they bitch about things like IKEA furniture manuals when there are far, far more important issues out there to be addressed.


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