Monday, March 21, 2005

All We Are Saying is Give Life A Chance

Teri Schiavo's case has brought many life issues to the forefront, including assisted suicide, as discussed in this New York Times article:

New Openness In Deciding When and How to Die

A few more steps in this direction and the United States might start to resemble Europe, where "euthanasia" among the elderly has become so common in the Netherlands that nursing homes in Germany are starting to open up specifically to become a safehaven for elderly in the Netherlands who fear becoming involuntarily "euthanized"--or, as we like to call it in the United States, murdered. Dr. Stevens has an exactly right: "We say we want this because of choice," he said. "My concern is, in the future, will this become the only choice?" Today's reason why liberals suck: at least these people have a terminal illness and are choosing to die--neither of these criteria apply to Ms. Schiavo, whose only "terminal illness" is a husband who has moved on with his life, started another family, and is unwilling to provide further treatment for Teri.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know you, but felt I had to paraphrase for you something that was posted on a totally unrelated forum. It rang so true it hurt, and I won't soon forget it.

'This whole debate reminds me of the abortion debate, except on the other end of the life cycle. Its proponents claim to be concerned with "mercifully" ending a life that THEY see as not worth living, when in reality it is all about not wanting to be burdened with caring for someone."

It is really frightening, the increasing refusal of this culture as a whole to take responsibility for things... including lives.

I live in New York, and it has been absolutely infuriating to me how I have not heard one single solidary news outlet here - NOT ONE - bother to mention the fact that Terry's supposedly loving, caring, "want to honor want she REALLY wanted" husband HAS ANOTHER FRICKIN FAMILY. hm, no conflict of interest THERE. I learned this fact on a sports forum, of all things.

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