Saturday, March 26, 2005

Academic Freedom: Neither Free Nor Academic

Today's reason why liberals suck comes to us from Mona Charen:

Extremism in defense of violence is no vice?

"Defenders of the Middle Eastern studies department are naturally framing the question as a rights matter, in this case, free speech. But that is not the proper perspective. The more pertinent question is: Do our great universities live up to their commitment to free inquiry, serious scholarship and intellectual honesty by staffing their faculties with the Ward Churchills, Rashid Khalidis and Joseph Massads of the world?"

Today's reason why liberals suck: Ward Churchill compares 9/11 victims to Nazis and is celebrated as an example of "academic freedom", while Lawrence Summers suggests that there may be inate differences between men and women and is practically lynched by the Harvard faculty committee. The hypocricy is staggering, although sadly, not surprising.


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